Beautifully Crafted Wood Handles for All Your Needs

Wood handles add beauty, quality, and value to your products. With their tight ergonomic grip, these handles offer the perfect level of comfort to all your applications. We are able to handle large-scale orders and offer reduced rates for blanket orders. 

E.W. Hannas specializes in custom-made wood products of all shapes and sizes. Please contact us to see how we can support your product design. 


Indoor and outdoor, houseware and hardware, handles that are standard or custom designs.

We have stains, varnishes, and imprints to match the look and durability you need, with hardware to match.

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Ferruled handles

Ferruled Handles

We can assemble and supply nickel or zinc plated ferrules to match your handle requirements. We can your product as close to complete as you’d like to go. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

Finished handles

Finished Handles

Our expert finishing rooms can paint, stain, and varnish handles with up to furniture grade spray finishes. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

Flat handles

Flat Handles

Molded and shaped handles to match the look, strength, and ergonomic feel that your products want to deliver. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

Pole Handles

Pole Handles

Commodity rake, mop, and shovel handles with standardized fitting parts and custom finishes. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

Turned handles (1)

Turned Handles

Precision round handles in various lengths, diameters and species, made on efficient automatic lathes. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

Fan handles

Fan Handles

Cost effective, veneer stamped fan handles in birch and poplar, to help support in your promotional event. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

The Advantages of Using Wood for Handles

From axes to knives and scythes to brooms, wooden handles have been used on all types of products for centuries. Wood remains popular today for the benefits that it offers. Some of these include:

  • Aesthetic value. Products that use wood handles have a unique and sophisticated style with universal appeal. Handles made from various wooden materials have a distinct charm due to the custom, handcrafted quality of the wood grain. Products that use wood handles instantly stand out, adding an attractive and functional accent piece to your domestic tools.
  • Affordability and accessibility. Wood handles are relatively easy and cost-effective to produce. While different types of wood may vary in cost, there are many durable and affordable options that are easy to source.
  • Sustainability. Most handles are thin and short, so the wood used to make them often comes from other milling processes rather than harvesting new timber for direct use. Wood itself is also a renewable resource. Manufacturing wooden handles is therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Durability. Wood handles also feature a high level of durability. With only occasional care, products that utilize wooden handles can shoulder the stress of your workload and last for years.
  • Ergonomics. Hands down, the ergonomic benefits of wood handles are their greatest advantage. Wood handles can be easily shaped during manufacturing to fit the contours of the human hand. Natural wood offers a smooth and comfortable grip.

Wooden Handle Product at E.W. Hannas

E.W. Hannas specializes in producing a wide range of wood handle types that are custom-built to fit each individual application.

Ferrulated Handles

Ferrulated wood handles are reinforced with metal ferrules, adding additional strength to the tool handle that mitigates the risk of splitting the wood in high-stress applications. E.W. Hannas can outfit your custom handle with zinc- or nickel-plated ferrules based on your design. We offer partial assembly or can provide a fully assembled product based on your overall manufacturing needs. We offer adaptable pricing for large-scale orders and container and pallet rates are available.

Finished Handles

Nothing adds value and aesthetics to your wood handle like a good finish. E.W. Hannas features expertly staffed finishing rooms and an expansive range of finishing options. We can paint, stain, or varnish your product and incorporate furniture-grade spray when needed.

Flat Handles

The right ergonomic fit is an essential quality of a well-crafted handle. The experts at E.W. Hannas can work with you to design a fitted handle matched to your specific product. Our custom-designed handles provide your finished product with a superior level of strength and comfort.

Pole Handles

Our handles aren’t just limited to small tools. We also manufacture a full line of large wooden handles well-suited for products like rakes, mops, and shovels. We can provide standardized wood handle parts that will fit seamlessly with your finished product.

Turned Handles

Some applications require extra contouring. We can precisely manufacture custom round handles using an automatic lathing process. If your product requires a customized look on the handle, E.W. Hannas can accommodate.

Fan Handles

We also make a line of affordable wood handles for promotional fans. These veneer-stamped handles are made from low-cost birch and poplar and are available in large production runs.

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