E.W. Hannas was founded in 1918 on 95 Liberty Street in Manhattan – the former World Trade Center address, where the Freedom Tower stands today.  At that address, Elwood Warren Hannas set out to connect the wood mills of upper New England, to the garment and toy districts in the NYC – eventually leading out to cover the wood product needs of the surrounding States. Elwood Warren Hannas Jr., Warren Elwood Hannas, and now Mark Elwood Hannas have proudly kept the tradition of a wood-based career for 4 generations now.


You will find EW Hannas products and components in hundreds of industries throughout the world. We keep a presence behind the flow of large volumes of raw wood materials, right through our mills and to the end users. We have the strongest consortium of wood manufacturing plants in the world – all conforming to strict EW Hannas standards. All that are aligned with E.W. Hannas strive to deliver value every step of the way.


We are rolling out product and manufacturing innovations for the 21st century by designing new machinery, forming new supply chains, and helping be a leader to a renewable future. Wood has had its place as one of the core materials of the world for centuries, but with the ecology of the world as a focus – wood has a renewed appreciation.

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