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Dowel pins join two pieces of material together. Machinery, electronics, and furniture pieces all rely on them for assembly. They have a cylindrical shape—similar to a peg—and come in various materials and styles. The dowel pin creates a hinge by fastening two or more pieces for assembly. 

Wooden dowel pins have a chamfered head to make insertion easy and may have fluting or grooves to improve insertion and adhesive bonds. Friction holds the pin inside the hole and can be airtight if the pin’s body is smooth. The pin increases shear strength and tensile strength in the joint to form a strong bond. Wooden dowel pins have multiple advantages over other fasteners for assembly and can be made strong enough for heavy-duty applications, such as construction and shipbuilding.

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E.W. Hannas: Your Custom Dowel Manufacturer

We are highly specialized in dowel production at the highest standard in the world.

Our molders are running full time to offer a range of diameters, in any length, and with any tip or secondary operation for your job.

Our consistency and price make us a leader in this type of wood manufacturing. Container and pallet rates available – we also distribute based on blanket orders.

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Products Include:

  • Color-Coded Dowels
  • Pointed Dowels
  • Slotted Dowels
  • Stained and Finished Dowels
  • Tenoned Dowels
  • End Bored Dowels
  • Engraved or Imprinted Dowels
  • Ladder Rungs
  • Stakes – Sod Stakes, Plant Stakes
  • Cosmetics & Healthcare – Cotton tip applicator, Cuticle Sticks, Make-up Sticks
  • Craft Dowels
  • Skewers
  • Apple Sticks
  • Poles
  • Mop Handles
  • Marshmallow Sticks
  • Pennant Sticks
Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins

Our fluted or spiral grooved dowel pins can be provided in bulk by burlap bags, box, or in polybags with header cards and barcodes. We can match the highest quality and closest tolerances needed by high end furniture manufacturers, or automated machinery.

Dowel Rods

Dowel Rods

We have some of the highest output of dowels in the world, with a huge range of uses that allow us to keep our costs down. We use every part of the log into hundreds of industries that help us pass along value with our various dowel offerings.

Dowel Tippings

Dowel Tippings

Our molders run like work horses, but the secondary operation of applying a tip is done using many other machines on hand. We apply a second layer of quality control to this process as this is often where hardware or food is applied. The tips we apply can conform to your machinery.

Latter Rungs

Ladder Rungs

We pressure treat stronger hardwoods such as tauari or ash to ensure the durable outdoor strength that’s needed on swing sets.

Pre-Glued Dowel Pins

Pre-Glued Dowel Pins

Our giant tumblers can efficiently pre-glue dowel pins that are ready for furniture assembly. We provide Safety Data Sheets and work with certified materials in the packaging of your choice.

Color Coded Dowels

Color Coded Dowels

Hardware stores throughout the country have steadily used our color coded dowels as a staple offering. We color code in-house with approved paints that are always matched correctly. Display casing is also available.

Advantages of Wood Dowel Pins

The primary advantage of dowel pins for joining pieces or parts is the bolstering of shear and tensile strength. It is crucial to protect against shear and tensile forces when assembling parts. Shear forces extend the hinge beyond its edge. The hinge would slide out of place without a pin. Tensile forces pull two pieces apart, separating the hinge. While the pin typically goes unseen after assembly, its bond remains dependable.

While steel and aluminum are also common dowel pin materials, wooden dowel pins provide remarkable advantages, such as:

  • Wood is a natural insulator, so it will not conduct electricity as easily as metals. 
  • Wood withstands rising temperatures without losing strength or expanding as a metal material would. 
  • Unlike metal, wood supports its weight effectively, giving it improved tensile strength. Metal pins may require additional support to account for their weight. 
  • Modern wood treatments enhance the natural properties of wood to produce durable and long-lasting wooden products.
  • Sound dampening qualities and natural aesthetic value make it a preferred material for homes and offices

Wood is also more sustainable and environmentally friendly than virtually all other materials, storing about 50% of its weight in carbon-content for its entire lifespan. It has a lower carbon footprint than other solid materials, using thousands of kilograms less carbon dioxide to produce a comparable amount of material. As a renewable resource, wood emits fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than metals and plastics. Wooden dowel pins are mostly used in woodworking but are also present in a variety of applications.

Ideal Applications for Wood Dowel Pin

Many industries prefer wood dowel pins, with the core of the dowel business going toward woodworking applications. A woodworker using a dowel will take precise measurements to align the holes on either side and ensure the joint’s integrity. They drill several uniform holes using a jig to square the edges joint’s edges. Woodworkers select the correct dowel and may choose fluting or grooving to increase the glue’s efficiency. Finally, the dowels are inserted and compressed as the adhesive dries.

Wood dowel pins offer ideal support for goods ranging from furniture and shelves to multi-tiered wedding cakes. They have been used to make simple game pegs and wheel axles in wooden toys and to hang clothing, tools, and key rings. Gymnastic grip detents also use wooden dowels. 

At E.W. Hannas, we manufacture a range of wood dowels for every application.

We Have a Wide Range of Products for Your Need

The following high-quality wood dowel products are available from E.W. Hannas at affordable prices:

  • Color-coded dowels
  • Pointed dowels
  • Slotted dowels
  • Stained and finished dowels
  • Tenoned dowels
  • End-bored dowels
  • Engraved or imprinted dowels
  • Ladder rungs
  • Stakes (sod, plants)
  • Cosmetics and healthcare (cotton tip applicators, cuticle sticks, make-up sticks, etc.)
  • Craft dowels
  • Skewers
  • Apple sticks
  • Poles
  • Mop handles
  • Marshmallow sticks
  • Pennant sticks

Woodworking Dowels vs. Biscuits

In woodworking, biscuits and wooden dowels are both widely used. Biscuits are the modern choice, making it possible to quickly and accurately align wooden pieces. They marginally increase the joint’s tensile strength and provide a sufficient bond when combined with glue but do not deliver woodworking dowels’ impressive strength on their own. 

Woodworking dowels are favorable for high-strength splines and hinges but typically require precise alignment. For woodworking projects that value time over strength, biscuits offer acceptable performance and create a strong bond in conjunction with quality adhesives.

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