Our food grade standards are well established and tested by some of the largest food corporations in the world.

We’ll comply to the highest levels of direct food contact suitability that wood products can offer.

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Ice Cream Sticks

Ice Cream Sticks

We monitor and stand behind our Ice Cream Sticks from the harvesting of a tree, to the ice cream in a kid’s hand. Our detailed testing and certifications can let you feel secure about the flow of your materials and the safety of the finished product.

Corndog Stick (1)

Corndog Sticks

Consistency is key when it comes to corn dog sticks. Our machine fed corn dog sticks can meet the uniformity you need to keep you machines running smoothly, and without sticks breaking. We have many layers of sorting to get this to the highest grade of corn dog sticks available.

Kitchenware (2)


We can provide you a wood component to finish your product off, or we can quote on your shelf-ready kitchen tool. We can even handle butcher blocks that are beautiful and functional too. Primarily Birch, Beech, Poplar and Maple products.

Skewers (1)


We can make skewers in any diameter and length, with many stock sizes to choose from - some stock items like marshmallow sticks, apple sticks, and lollipop sticks. Our food certifications ensure these are suitable for automated industrial food processing, or hand assembly at a boutique candy store.

Drink Stirrers (1)

Drink Stirrers

With plastic products either being banned or limited, our drink stirrers can promote your company with a cost effective, eco-friendly option which ultimately represents a higher quality and attention to detail. Certified with the highest food safety standards. Coffee stirrers to custom drink imprinted drink stirrers.

Ornamental Picks (2)

Ornamental Picks

We’ve enjoyed helping to design ornaments and custom wood shapes that can be custom painted and imprinted to match the occasion. We stay behind the scenes, but work to deliver a fun and unique product to you or your customers.

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