Supply Chain Management

From material sourcing through to end product delivery, successful supply chain management comprehensively monitors products and services with a focus on reliable efficiency, timeliness, quality, customer experience, and company profits. Uninterrupted production and on-time deliveries help companies meet their own goals while also building a strong reputation and relationship with customers.

At E.W. Hannas Inc., we take the maintenance of our customers’ supply chain very seriously. Our team works collaboratively with clients to better understand their wood product needs and required deadlines to ensure timely deliveries and safe warehousing for their stock, preventing any workflow disruption.

What Is Supply Chain Management?

When a company builds its supply chain, it develops a network of external vendors and suppliers that will assist the company in procuring materials, fabricating products, and handling shipments and deliveries for beginning-to-end fulfillment. To keep goods and processes flowing smoothly, supply chain management monitors that network for any inefficiencies, potential delays, or shortages.
Successful management begins with careful planning. Companies must examine sourcing needs for materials or external services, budget, production timelines, and the necessary workforce. Determining company goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for efficiently meeting them is also part of this phase of the management process.

Supply Chain Management

Once a company has a solid understanding of its supply chain needs, it can begin reviewing suppliers to find ones that fit with its business model. The manufacturers and suppliers will ideally work collaboratively to discuss ordering, inventory, and other processes for full transparency. It is important to consider alternative sourcing for vital supplies so that if there is a supply chain interruption, companies can handle it without halting production.

For the manufacturing stage, companies should examine internal processes for efficiency. Inventory requires storage space and needs close monitoring to prevent shortages. Also, consider how to review end products for quality as companies can’t sacrifice quality for expediency. Lastly, the logistics of timely shipments, deliveries, and returns shouldn’t be an afterthought as it’s vital that a business and its shipping partners coordinate for customer satisfaction. Ultimately, effective management identifies potential issues before they occur to develop proactive solutions for addressing them.

Components of an Effective Supply Chain

Successful supply chain management takes a holistic, integrated approach to achieve full collaboration and transparency, with each organization in the chain working together to keep the others informed. Instead of each company being its own entity, supply chain management looks at these companies as connected parts of a whole. This comprehensive look at the product lifecycle also helps identify potential delays and shortages before they happen.

Currently, the wood product supply chain is facing a number of problems, including:

  • Increased shipping and transportation costs
  • Extended timelines or halted production resulting from shipping delays
  • Difficulty meeting customer demands (inventory, canceled orders, etc.)
  • Difficulty finding adequate carrier capacity to keep the supply chain flowing smoothly

To address these concerns, many wood product manufacturers have raised prices or increased turn times. As for procurement, companies are looking for alternative suppliers, sometimes even cutting ties with unreliable vendors.

Another avenue for tackling supply chain weaknesses is utilizing technological management solutions, which have increased over the past several years. A company’s incorporation of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing techniques help capitalize on automated processes and data reports. Using enterprise management planning (ERP) systems or end-to-end supply chain software assists companies in recognizing trends and spotting supply chain deficiencies in real-time. However, keeping up with that technology can be difficult for smaller providers, who may not have adequate resources to make vital upgrades.

Manage Your Supply Chain With E.W. Hannas

At E.W. Hannas, we understand the challenges associated with modern supply chain management. Since 1918, we have supplied our clients with customized precision wood products. It’s our responsibility to our customers to pay a high degree of attention to detail for preventing potential interruptions in the workflow. We are committed to innovative solutions and a renewable future, using advanced machinery and forming new supply chains to best serve our customers.

As part of our services, E.W. Hannas offers private labeling, timely shipping, and safe warehousing. We also accept blanket orders, enabling us to control wood procurement and trigger fabrication to adhere to your timeline. Our company monitors your product during water, rail, or road transport to ensure its safe delivery.

Notify us of critical deadlines and any required part parameters, and E.W. Hannas will maintain compliance at every stage, standing behind our finished product for full customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your supply chain flowing smoothly, or request a quote.

Services Include:

  • Responsibility
  • Time Sensitivity
  • Attention to Detail
  • No Interruption in Workflow
  • Safe Warehousing and Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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