It only takes the lack of one component to grind work to a halt, which is why E.W. Hannas takes the responsibility of maintaining our customer’s product flow very seriously.

We work with our customers to understand their time sensitivity, and usually apply a combination of timely deliveries along with stocking their product in one of our US warehouses, to be sure there’s no interruption in workflow. Blanket orders allow us to control the inputs of wood material at its source and then trigger production to work into your timeframe.

E.W. Hannas also controls your product while on the water, the rails, and the road, to safely deliver your materials with the attention they need. Let us know your fitting parts, the critical dates, and any other parameters that you and your customers require, and we’ll maintain conformance every step of the way, and stand behind the finished product.

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Services Include:

  • Responsibility
  • Time Sensitivity
  • Attention to Detail
  • No Interruption in Workflow
  • Safe Warehousing and Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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