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For over a century, we at E.W. Hannas Inc. have been crafting custom wood-based products you can trust. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we provide cutting-edge solutions for our global client base while still staying true to the traditions of woodworking. Our extensive catalog of products enables us to continually meet the needs of a diverse range of industries and applications. Committed to innovation, our team continues to search out opportunities for more efficient processes, advanced machinery, supply chain solutions, and sustainability improvements to enhance our capabilities for high-quality workmanship in our wood product line.

Buttons, Plugs, and Biscuits

It is imperative to meet tight tolerances when manufacturing buttons, plugs, and biscuits, as even minor inaccuracies may render the product ineffective at filling the intended hole. To meet the exacting needs of every project, we provide both standard and custom sizing options, as well as custom packaging. We have decades of experience specializing in precision woodworking and high-volume production for the following:

Tree Plugs

Available in any length with diameters up to 3 inches, our CCA- or ACQ-treated plugs fill core samplings.


To assist in furniture assembly projects, we provide composite wood biscuits in a range of standard sizes.

Buttons and Plugs

Our precision buttons and plugs are available in an array of sizes for versatile selections. We also offer custom packaging options.


These shallow plugs are a popular choice to seal off and protect the ends of paper tubes during shipment. They are attached via screws or staples, and the advantages of wooden bungs in this application include added strength to reduce the likelihood of a tube collapsing in on itself.

Spiral Groove Dowel Pins

The spiral grooves that cover the pin’s full length serve several important functions to improve the ease of insertion. The design prevents blowouts by enabling glue and air to exit the hole. Our dowels and pins offer high levels of uniformity.

Wood Handles

Both functional and beautiful, wood handles are an excellent way to improve a product’s quality and durable ergonomic grip. We craft custom handles in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and imprints, with options for both indoor and outdoor use. Our capabilities include high-volume production runs, and we provide special rates for those as well as blanket orders or orders by container or pallet. Our offerings include:

Fan Handles

Available in both birch and poplar, these budget-friendly handles are designed to pair with promotional fans and are ideal for improving brand awareness and recognition. They are veneer stamped, and we can provide high-volume production runs.

Ferruled Handles

For products intended for use in harsh environments or high-stress applications, metal ferrules provide added strength in ferruled handles. The ferrules, available in either zinc or nickel plating, reduce the risk of wood splitting during use. Depending on the needs of each customer, we provide both partial- and full-assembly options.

Finished Handles

Our paint, stain, and varnish finishing options improve the final appearance and longevity of a product. When necessary, we also provide furniture-grade finishing spray. E.W. Hannas has finishing rooms staffed with expert team members for this express purpose.

Flat Handles

In addition to having a high-quality finish, the best handles will provide the right ergonomic fit for improved comfort and performance. We shape and mold custom handles to suit the appearance and strength requirements of each product.

Pole Handles

Our line of pole handles is ideal for larger tools, such as:

  • Mops
  • Shovels
  • Rakes

With standardized parts available, we can ensure the handle perfectly fits the finished product.

Turned Handles

For more precise needs, we offer an automatic lathing process to provide a fully customized, contoured appearance on round handles.

Crates and Boxes

Wood crates and boxes are highly versatile, with applications in both storage and marketing. To meet this range of unique needs, we offer custom assembly and hardware options to ensure each product meets the specifications of the project with the aesthetics you require. Our sales team can work with you to modify our packaging options for your branded product or unique event. The following are some examples of applications for our crates and boxes, with reduced rates available in some cases for large container and pallet or blanket orders:

Candy Boxes

Wood candy boxes make a product stand out, creating unique packaging that customers will remember. This also improves the value of the candies, serving as an outward demonstration of the high-quality product within.

Food Crates

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, wood food crates are a unique method of storage and a marketing opportunity. We offer stylized and personalized options.

Ring Boxes

Available with a range of material options, inserts, linings, and closing methods, these small boxes are fully customizable.

Tea Boxes

Using a custom wood box as packaging for tea is an excellent way to set the product apart and attract customers.

Wine Boxes

We offer both standard and custom wine boxes with custom printing. Our experienced team can help you determine the best material and size options for your needs.

Custom Wood Boxes and Crates

We will work with our customers to create fully customized crates and boxes for every project. Simply present us with your ideas and, utilizing our assembly and hardware options, we will design a box to match.

Food-Safe Products

For consumer safety, all products within the food and beverage industry must meet strict regulations. The same is true of food and beverage packaging. We ensure that we meet or exceed these regulations with every product designed for food-related applications. Our food-safe offerings include the following:

Corn Dog Sticks

To provide uniformity and quality, we subject our corn dog sticks to extensive sorting. This ensures that the machine-fed sticks will not break or cause disruptions during manufacturing.

Drink Stirrers

Environmentally conscious companies often opt for wood products rather than plastic. Our wood drink stirrers are cost-effective and high quality, and will ensure compliance with any bans or restrictions on plastic products. Our coffee and other beverage stirrers can also act as an eco-friendly promotional opportunity for your brand.

Ice Cream Sticks

We provide detailed testing and quality assurance during every step of production, ensuring the safety of our wooden ice cream sticks.


Our kitchenware products are typically comprised of birch, beech, maple, and poplar. We provide options that are both attractive and functional, with selections ranging from simple wooden components to ready-made tools to butcher blocks.

Ornamental Picks

Available for a wide array of occasions, our ornaments add a fun and memorable flair to any event. We offer custom shapes, paints, and imprints to suit any need.


Our skewers are available in standard and custom sizing, and function well as sticks for items such as:

  • Lollipops
  • Rock candy
  • Apples
  • Marshmallows

They perform well in automated food processing applications but are also available for manual assembly.

Custom Wood Products

When designing custom products, we work closely with each customer from the earliest development stages through to the final production run. We take pride in reliably providing customers with wood products that are high quality and completely unique. Our customization capabilities include:

  • Custom veneer and finishing options. A signature shape helps products stand out and can improve brand recognition. Our experts are available to provide guidance regarding optimal shapes for applications requiring custom imprinting, high-volume runs, or furniture-grade finishes.
  • Custom moldings. We will provide sample molds based on the CAD drawings or designs our customers bring to us. E.W. Hannas offers container and pallet rates as well as blanket orders.
  • Custom turning. Our turning capabilities enable us to create uniform, high-quality custom products efficiently and affordably. We achieve this by designing custom knives for use on our automatic and back knife lathes.
  • Custom boxes. Available as pallets or containers, our custom boxes elevate the presentation of any product. For candy, wine, gifts, and much more, we provide these boxes fully assembled, with your choice of engravings, hardware, and finishings.

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We at E.W. Hannas have been proudly providing high-value wood products for four generations. While wood has always been one of the mainstays of manufacturing, this material is more vital than ever as we focus on building a renewable future. By monitoring our materials from harvest through to production, and maintaining ISO, C-TPAT, and FSC certifications, we ensure the consistent quality that our customers rely on. If you would like to learn more about how we can meet your custom wood product needs, request a quote today.

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