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Wood is one of the most popular materials for various types of handles. It is preferred as the ideal blend of strength, style, durability, and functionality. In addition, its natural grain provides an attractive touch to any material and is easily carved to your preference for improved grip.

This article will elaborate on the key considerations you need to consider when ordering wood handles for your next project.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Handle

Before choosing a handle, here are certain factors that must be considered:


By choosing the right material for your product’s handle, you are avoiding the possibility of future problems such as deterioration and pest infestation. Consider using a water-resistant handle material, especially if you offer items that require damp applications. In addition, keep an eye out for materials prone to termite and insect infestation, like olive wood.

Handle Type

It is essential to pick a suitable handle depending on your business offerings and projects. Below is the list of various handles and their characteristics:

Ferrulated Handles

These wood handles are strengthened with metal ferrules, making them more durable and avoiding the risk of splitting the wood in high-stress applications.

Finished Handles

These handles have finishing touches, such as paint, varnish, stain, or furniture-grade spray.

Flat Handles

These are molded and shaped handles that enhance the appearance, durability, and comfortability that your products want to deliver.

Pole Handles

These can be used for commodity rakes, mops, and shovels with standardized fitting parts and custom finishes.

Turned Handles

These handles are round but may differ in lengths and diameters and are made on efficient automatic lathes.

Fan Handles

These handles made with birch and poplar are ideal for promotional material in your company’s event.


Durable handles extend the life of your product and increase its total longevity, saving you from spending much money due to frequent replacement or repair. In selecting a handle for your product, keep in mind the advantage of the wood’s resilient material that can last for decades or even centuries.


Handle designs can allow you to express your brand through your product. Thus, it is crucial to pick designs that improve the product’s overall appearance while maintaining good quality, usability, and a lengthy lifespan.


The cost of wood handles might differ substantially based on the material used and customization requests. For instance, suppose you need to order wood handles for a product you predict will regularly be exposed to moisture. In that case, it’s necessary to request custom finishes and coatings to protect the wood from mold and rot.

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